Saturnine vs Saccharine - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between saturnine and saccharine

is that saturnine is of or born under saturn's influence while saccharine is of or relating to sugar or saccharine can be of or relating to saccharin.




(en adjective)
  • of or born under Saturn's influence
  • containing lead, or suffering from lead poisoning (saturnia)
  • having a tendency to be gloomy, bitter, and sarcastic; sullenly sardonic
  • gloomy, depressed, dull
  • cold and slow to change and react (refers to mood)
  • Derived terms

    * saturnine gout


    * 1770 , , The English physician enlarged. , page 167 *: "But Henbane'' delights most to grow in Saturnine Places, and whole Cart-Loads of it may be found near the Places where they empty the common Jacks, and scarce a Ditch can be found without it growing by it. ''Ergo'', it is an Herb of ''Saturn ." * 1793 , John Whitehead, The life of the Rev. John Wesley, M.A , page 550 *: "But Dr. Johnson would certainly not have expressed himself in this strong language of approbation, had Mr. Wesley been that dark, saturnine creature, represented by Archbishop Herring." English eponyms ----



    Etymology 1

    From (saccharum) + (-ine).


  • Of or relating to sugar.
  • (pejorative) Excessively sweet in action or disposition; syrupy.
  • Sentimental or romantic to the point of ridiculousness.
  • Synonyms
    * (excessively sweet) precious, syrupy, twee

    Etymology 2



  • Of or relating to saccharin.
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