Governed vs Ruled - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between governed and ruled

is that governed is (govern) while ruled is (rule).

As an adjective ruled is

having printed lines.




  • (govern)

  • govern



    (en verb)
  • To make and administer the public policy and affairs of; to exercise sovereign authority in.
  • To control the actions or behavior of; to keep under control; to restrain.
  • Govern yourselves like civilized people.
    a student who could not govern his impulses.
  • To exercise a deciding or determining influence on.
  • Chance usually governs the outcome of the game.
  • To control the speed, flow etc. of; to regulate.
  • a valve that governs fuel intake.
  • To exercise political authority; to run a government.
  • To have or exercise a determining influence.
  • To require that a certain preposition, grammatical case, etc. be used with a word; sometimes used synonymously with collocate.
  • ruled



  • Having printed lines.
  • a letter on ruled paper
  • (geometry, of a surface) Being a scroll; being such that through every point of S'' there is a straight line that lies on ''S .
  • Verb

  • (rule)
  • She ruled over her children firmly but gently.


    * English adjectives