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(en noun)
  • The act of fixing.
  • The state of being fixed or fixated.
  • The act of uniting chemically with a solid substance or in a solid form; reduction to a non-volatile condition; -- said of volatile elements.
  • The act or process of ceasing to be fluid and becoming firm.
  • In metals, a state of resistance to evaporation or volatilization by heat.
  • A state of mind involving obsession with a particular person, idea or thing.
  • (legal) Recording a creative work in a medium of expression for more than a transitory duration, thereby satisfying the "fixation" requirement for the purposes of copyright law.
  • In order to obtain copyright on a recording in the United States, the recording must have been reduced to fixation on or after February 15, 1972.


    * (state of being fixed) fixedness


    * (act of fixing) movement, change


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