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Willet vs Rillet - What's the difference?

willet | rillet |

As a proper noun willet

is .

As a noun rillet is

a little rill.



(wikipedia willet) (Tringa semipalmata)


(en noun)
  • Tringa semipalmata'' or ''Catoptrophorus semipalmatus , a large shorebird.
  • Derived terms

    * Carolina willet



    Alternative forms

    * (l)


    (en noun)
  • A little rill.
  • * 1953 , publication), part II: “Search by the Foundation”, chapter 8: ‘Seldon’s Plan’, page 86, ¶ 1
  • First, a pearly white, unrelieved, then a trace of faint darkness here and there, and finally, the fine neatly printed equations in black, with an occasional red hairline that wavered through the darker forest like a staggering rillet .
    From the green rivage many a fall / Of diamond rillets musical. — Tennyson.
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