Revel vs Revet - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between revel and revet

is that revel is to make merry; to have a gay, lively time or revel can be (obsolete) to draw back; to retract while revet is .

As a noun revel

is an instance of merrymaking; a celebration or revel can be (architecture).

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Etymology 1

From (etyl)


(en noun)
  • An instance of merrymaking; a celebration.
  • * (William Shakespeare) (c.1564–1616)
  • Our revels now are ended.
  • *
  • *:"I ought to arise and go forth with timbrels and with dances; but, do you know, I am not inclined to revels ? There has been a little—just a very little bit too much festivity so far …. Not that I don't adore dinners and gossip and dances; not that I do not love to pervade bright and glittering places."
  • Derived terms
    * revelry


  • To make merry; to have a gay, lively time.
  • * 1997 , The Art of Practicing, a Guide to Making Music from the Heart
  • Slowing down doesn't have to feel like holding back. It can be an opportunity to revel in sounds and sensations, to not be so concerned about where we are going but to enjoy the moment and become comfortable where we are.
    * (make merry) carouse, celebrate
    Derived terms
    * reveller/reveler

    Etymology 2

    (etyl) (lena) revellere; .


  • (obsolete) To draw back; to retract.
  • (Harvey)


    (en noun)
  • (architecture)
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    * *




  • To face, as an embankment, with masonry, wood, or other material.
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    * ---- ==Norwegian Bokmål==


  • (Etymology 2 )
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