Retired vs Retrenched - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between retired and retrenched

is that retired is (retire) while retrenched is (retrench).

As an adjective retired

is secluded from society (of a lifestyle, activity etc); private, quiet.




(en adjective)
  • Secluded from society (of a lifestyle, activity etc.); private, quiet.
  • Of a place: far from civilisation, not able to be easily seen or accessed; secluded.
  • *1910 , , "The Saint and the Goblin", Reginald in Russia :
  • *:The little stone Saint occupied a retired niche in a side aisle of the old cathedral.
  • That has left employment (of a person), especially on reaching pensionable age.
  • The retired workers are a major expense due to their pensions.


  • (retire)
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  • (retrench)

  • retrench


    Etymology 1

    (etyl) retrenchier, (etyl) retrancher; see (etyl) , and English trench.


  • To cut down or reduce.
  • * Denham
  • Thy exuberant parts retrench .
  • To abridge; to curtail.
  • * Milton
  • But this thy glory shall be soon retrenched .
  • To confine; to limit; to restrict.
  • (Addison)
  • * I. Taylor
  • These figures, ought they then to receive a retrenched interpretation?
  • To furnish with a retrenchment (defensive work within a fortification).
  • to retrench bastions
  • To take up a new defensive position.
  • We must retrench and try to hold on long enough for products in development to reach the market or we will be out of business.
  • *2012 , The Economist, Private Equity: Keep Calm and Carry On
  • International firms could decide it is not cost-effective to keep open their other European offices and retrench to London.

    Etymology 2


  • To dig or redig a trench where one already was.
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