Douchebag vs Retarded - What's the difference?

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As a noun douchebag

is a sterile container which holds the fluid used for giving a vaginal douche.

As an adjective retarded is

delayed; delayed in development, hindered; impeded.

As a verb retarded is




Alternative forms

* douche bag


(en noun)
  • A sterile container which holds the fluid used for giving a vaginal douche.
  • (US, slang, vulgar) A jerk or asshole; a mean or rude person; someone seen as being arrogant, snobby or obnoxious.
  • ''That douchebag ruined my shrimp cocktail.
    ''Why doesn’t that guy get a job? He’s a regular douchebag .
    ''It's fine to help your friends eat healthy, but don't be a douchebag and harass them about it.
  • (US, slang) Any social misfit; a doofus, dork, or nerd.
  • ''That pocket protector makes you look like a douchebag .

    Derived terms

    * douchebaggery




    (en adjective)
  • Delayed; delayed in development, hindered; impeded.
  • * 2004 , Duncan Mackay, The Observer , 8 Aug 2004:
  • HGH, which was originally developed to assist children with retarded growth, is believed to be especially popular with sprinters.
  • (chiefly, North America) Underdeveloped (of a person's intelligence, abilities etc.).
  • * 2000 , Kate Connolly, The Guardian , 19 Apr 2000:
  • The European Roma Rights Centre in Budapest, which is representing the children - from the north-eastern city of Ostrava - said that the education ministry and local authorities had for decades "perpetuated a system which routinely brands disproportionate numbers of Gypsies as mentally retarded ".
  • (colloquial, derogatory) Stupid, dumb.
  • * 1988 , Raymond E Feist, Faerie Tale :
  • Looking at Jack, Gabbie said, "What?" "That's the Troll Bridge." She groaned at the pun. "That's retarded ."
  • (physics) Designating a parameter of an electromagnetic field which is adjusted to account for the finite speed of radiation.
  • Verb

  • (retard)