Supremacy vs Restraint - What's the difference?

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Supremacy is a related term of restraint.

As nouns the difference between supremacy and restraint

is that supremacy is the quality of being supreme while restraint is (countable) something that restrains, ties, fastens or secures.




  • The quality of being supreme.
  • Power over all others.
  • When used with a designation for a particular group, the assertion that the group in question is superior to or should rule over others.
  • restraint


  • (countable) something that restrains, ties, fastens or secures
  • Make sure all the restraints are tight.
  • (uncountable) control or caution; reserve
  • Try to exercise restraint when talking to your boss.
  • * November 2 2014 , Daniel Taylor, " Sergio Ag├╝ero strike wins derby for Manchester City against 10-man United,"
  • City will feel nonplussed when they review the tape and Pellegrini had to summon all his restraint in the post-match interviews.