Indicate vs Requirement - What's the difference?

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As a verb indicate

is to point out; to discover; to direct to a knowledge of; to show; to make known.

As a noun requirement is

a necessity or prerequisite; something required or obligatory.




  • To point out; to discover; to direct to a knowledge of; to show; to make known.
  • :
  • *
  • *:With just the turn of a shoulder she indicated the water front, where, at the end of the dock on which they stood, lay the good ship, Mount Vernon , river packet, the black smoke already pouring from her stacks.
  • *{{quote-book, year=1963, author=(Margery Allingham), title=(The China Governess)
  • , chapter=20 citation , passage=The story struck the depressingly familiar note with which true stories ring in the tried ears of experienced policemen.
  • *{{quote-magazine, year=2013, month=May-June, author= Katrina G. Claw
  • , title= Rapid Evolution in Eggs and Sperm , volume=101, issue=3, magazine=(American Scientist) , passage=Many genes with reproductive roles also have antibacterial and immune functions, which indicate that the threat of microbial attack on the sperm or egg may be a major influence on rapid evolution during reproduction.}}
  • To show or manifest by symptoms; to point to as the proper remedies.
  • :
  • To signal in a vehicle the desire to turn right or left.
  • To investigate the condition or power of, as of steam engine, by means of an indicator.
  • *1903', "How to '''indicate an engine" in ''The Star Improved Steam Engine Indicator , p.64:
  • *:To a person who is familiar with the use of an indicator, whether it be of one make or another, it is needless to give instructions as to how an engine should be indicated ,.
  • *1905 , Power , Vol.25, p.448:
  • *:I found it fully as easy to indicate an engine at a speed of 320 to 340 revolutions as at 80.
  • *1905 , Central Station , Vol.5, p.76:
  • *:An indicator will give the working of these valves at all times and soon return its cost in higher engine efficiency. The day has passed when it was only the expert who could indicate an engine or afford to own an indicator.
  • Synonyms

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    (en noun)
  • A necessity or prerequisite; something required or obligatory.
  • Something asked.
  • (engineering) A statement (in domain specific terms) which specifies a verifiable constraint on an implementation that it shall undeniably meet or (a)'' be deemed unacceptable, or ''(b)'' result in implementation failure, or ''(c) result in system failure.
  • Usage notes

    * Adjectives often used with "requirement": stringent, complex, reasonable, mandatory, important, financial, medical, educational, physical, chemical * Verbs often used with "requirement": meet, comply with, satisfy, fulfill, impose, waive, abolish, drop, add, remove, fail to meet, ignore, understand, state, specify, increase, reduce, change, modify


    * (prerequisite) condition, prerequisite, necessity

    Derived terms

    * functional requirement * requirements engineering * requirements analysis