Repulsion vs Attraction - What's the difference?

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Attraction is an antonym of repulsion.

Repulsion is an antonym of attraction.

As nouns the difference between repulsion and attraction

is that repulsion is the act of repelling or the condition of being repelled while attraction is the tendency to attract.

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(en noun)
  • The act of repelling or the condition of being repelled.
  • An extreme dislike of something, or hostility to something.
  • *, chapter=12
  • , title= The Mirror and the Lamp , passage=All this was extraordinarily distasteful to Churchill. It was ugly, gross. Never before had he felt such repulsion when the vicar displayed his characteristic bluntness or coarseness of speech. In the present connexion […] such talk had been distressingly out of place.}}
  • (physics) The repulsive force acting between bodies of the same electric charge or magnetic polarity.
  • Antonyms

    * attraction






  • The tendency to attract.
  • The feeling of being attracted.
  • * , chapter=5
  • , title= Mr. Pratt's Patients , passage=When you're well enough off so's you don't have to fret about anything but your heft or your diseases you begin to get queer, I suppose. And the queerer the cure for those ailings the bigger the attraction . A place like the Right Livers' Rest was bound to draw freaks, same as molasses draws flies.}}
  • An event or location that has a tendency to attract visitors.
  • (chess) The sacrifice of pieces in order to expose the enemy king.
  • Synonyms

    * charm * pull


    * repulsion