Loth vs Repugnant - What's the difference?

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Loth is a related term of repugnant.

As adjectives the difference between loth and repugnant

is that loth is (uk|rare) while repugnant is repugnant.

As a verb repugnant is





  • (UK, rare)
  • I was loth to return to the office without the Henderson file.

    Usage notes

    * Often confused in meaning and pronunciation with loathe. * The loath spelling is about four times more common in the UK and about fifty times more common in the US. * This spelling had more currency in the US in the 19th century, appearing in Webster's 1828 dictionary, but not the 1913 edition.

    Derived terms

    * lothly * lothness


    * ----




    (en adjective)
  • Offensive or repulsive; arousing disgust or aversion.
  • (legal) Opposed or in conflict.
  • Usage notes

    * Nouns to which "repugnant" is often applied: act, nature, behavior, practice, character, thing, crime.