Remainder vs Leftovers - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between remainder and leftovers

is that remainder is a part or parts remaining after some has/have been removed while leftovers is .

As an adjective remainder

is remaining.

As a verb remainder

is (commerce) to mark or declare items left unsold as subject to reduction in price.

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Alternative forms

* R (mathematics)


(en noun)
  • A part or parts remaining after some has/have been removed.
  • ''My son ate part of his cake and I ate the remainder .
    ''You can have the remainder of my clothes.
  • *
  • Thirdly, I continue to attempt to interdigitate the taxa in our flora with taxa of the remainder of the world.
  • (mathematics) The amount left over after subtracting the divisor as many times as possible from the dividend without producing a negative result. If (n) (dividend) and d'' (divisor) are integers, then (n) can always be expressed in the form ''n = dq + r'', where ''q'' (quotient) and ''r'' (remainder ) are also integers and 0 ≤ ''r'' < ''d .
  • ''17 leaves a remainder of 2 when divided by 3.
    ''11 divided by 2 is 5 remainder 1.
  • (mathematics) The number left over after a simple subtraction
  • ''10 minus 4 leaves a remainder of 6
  • (commerce) Excessive stock items left unsold and subject to reduction in price.
  • ''I got a really good price on this shirt because it was a remainder .
  • (legal) An estate in expectancy which only comes in its heir's possession after an estate created by the same instrument has been determined
  • Synonyms

    * (a part or parts remaining) remnant, residue, rest * surplus

    Derived terms

    * remainderman * contingent remainder

    See also

    * addition, summation: (augend) + (addend) = (summand) × (summand) = (sum, total) * subtraction: (minuend) ? (subtrahend) = (difference) * multiplication: (multiplier) × (multiplicand) = (factor) × (factor) = (product) * division: (dividend) ÷ (divisor) = (quotient), remainder left over if divisor does not divide dividend * modulus

    See also

    * remainderman


  • remaining
  • Synonyms

    * leftover


    (en verb)
  • (commerce) To mark or declare items left unsold as subject to reduction in price.
  • ''The bookstore remaindered the unsold copies of that book at the end of summer at a reduced price.




    (wikipedia leftovers)
  • English plurals
  • Food remaining after a meal; excess food eaten later.
  • I had leftovers from yesterday for dinner tonight.

    See also

    * doggy bag * goody bag * left over * left-over * leftover