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ret | reit |

As a noun ret

is net.

As an initialism reit is

(legal) real estate]] investment [[trust|trust, an investment device where the holding company uses the funds invested to hold real estate.

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Etymology 1

Precise origin uncertain; perhaps related to Middle Dutch ).


  • To prepare (flax, hemp etc.) for further processing by soaking, which facilitates separation of fibers from the woody parts of the stem.
  • * 1989 , (Keith Bosley), translating Elias Lönnrot, The Kalevala , XLVIII:
  • the hemp was retted / and soon the retting was done / and swiftly it was hung up / and hurriedly it was dried […].
  • * 2006 , (Thomas Pynchon), Against the Day , Vintage 2007, page 621:
  • the lowland nearly silent except for water-thrushes, the harvested fields, the smell of hops being dried in kilns, flax pulled up and piled in sheaves, in local practice not to be retted till the spring
    Derived terms
    * retter

    Etymology 2



  • retired
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  • (UK, dialect, obsolete) sedge; seaweed
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