Referenced vs Referent - What's the difference?

referenced | referent |

As a verb referenced

is (reference).

As a noun referent is

referee (person who gives a reference).




  • (reference)

  • reference



    (en noun)
  • A relationship or relation ((to) something).
  • *, III.1.3:
  • all these are far more eminent and great, when they shall proceed from a sanctified spirit, that hath a true touch of religion and a reference to God.
  • A measurement one can compare to.
  • Information about a person, provided by someone (a referee) with whom they are well acquainted
  • A reference work.
  • (semantics) A relation between objects in which one object designates, or acts as a means by which to connect to or link to, another object.
  • (academic writing) A short written identification of a previously published work which is used as a source for a text.
  • (academic writing) A previously published written work thus indicated; a source.
  • (programming) An object containing information which refers to data stored elsewhere, as opposed to containing the data itself.
  • (programming, character entity) A special sequence used to represent complex characters in a web page such as ™ or €.
  • (obsolete) appeal
  • * Shakespeare
  • Make your full reference .

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  • to refer to, to make reference to, to cite
  • Reference the dictionary for word meanings.
  • to mention
  • Usage notes

    * Some authorities object to the use of reference as a verb, preferring "refer to" or "cite".



    (en noun)
  • (semantics) The specific entity in the world that a word or phrase identifies or denotes.
  • That which is referenced.
  • Derived terms

    * absent referent


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