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As a proper noun reed

is , a spelling variant of reid.

As an adjective reedlike is

resembling a reed or some aspect of one.

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Etymology 1

(etyl) (l)'', (etyl) ''(l)''. Akin to German ''Ried''. No cognates in North Germanic languages, but a Gothic was derived The supposition] about Gothic and the quote from Noctes Atticae in : "''dixit ... amicus meus in libro se Gavi de origine vocabulorum VII legisse "retas" vocari arbores, quae aut ripis fluminum eminerent aut in alveis eorum exstarent''". It is theorised that the word may have a relation to ''ritae'' in ''[[:w:Noctes Atticae, Noctes Atticae] (Aulus Gellius).


  • (botany, countable) Any of various types of tall stiff perennial grass-like plants growing together in groups near water.
  • (countable, botany) The hollow stem of these plants.
  • (countable, music) Part of the mouthpiece of certain woodwind instruments, comprising of a thin piece of wood or metal which shakes very quickly to produce sound when a musician blows over it.
  • (countable, music) A musical instrument such as the clarinet or oboe, which produces sound when a musician blows on the reed.
  • (countable, weaving) A comb-like tool for beating the weft when weaving.
  • (uncountable, architecture) reeding
  • (mining) A tube containing the train of powder for igniting the charge in blasting.
  • straw prepared for thatching a roof
  • Derived terms
    * reed bunting * reed organ * reedy


    (en verb)
  • To mill or mint with reeding.
  • Etymology 2

    See ree


  • (ree)
  • Etymology 3

    Alternative forms

    * read


    (en noun)
  • (UK, Scotland, dialect) The fourth stomach of a ruminant; rennet.
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    (en adjective)
  • Resembling a reed or some aspect of one.
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