Reclock vs Recloak - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between reclock and recloak

is that reclock is (computing) to modify the clock speed of while recloak is (transitive|chiefly|figuratively) to cloak again or anew.




(en verb)
  • (computing) To modify the clock speed of.
  • * 1999 , PC Mag (volume 18, number 6, 23 March 1999, page 87)
  • And what's the big deal if people reclock their chips? “It gives us a bad reputation when a reclocked system fails!” says Intel.


    * downclock * upclock




    (en verb)
  • (transitive, chiefly, figuratively) To cloak again or anew.
  • * 1999 , Jean Markale, The Grail: The Celtic Origins of the Sacred Icon (page 5)
  • That is why it is necessary to analyze the story by Chretien de Troyes, before examining the numerous aspects that have recloaked the legend.
  • * 2001 , Jana Evans Braziel, Kathleen LeBesco, Bodies out of bounds: fatness and transgression (page 270)
  • Dierlam thus simultaneously recloaks herself as Helen Melon and reminds us that the figure before us does not exist solely as a character or performance.