Reamer vs Realer - What's the difference?

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As a noun reamer

is a tool for boring a hole wider.

As an adjective realer is




(wikipedia reamer)


(en noun)
  • A tool for boring a hole wider.
  • A device for rendering citrus juice.
  • A tool used to scrape carbon deposit from the bowl of a pipe.
  • A Stone Age prehistoric lithic Stone tool, used in archeology nomenclature.
  • realer


    Alternative forms

    * (rare) realler


  • (real)
  • * 1903 January, William Dean Howells, "Mr. Henry James’s Later Work", in The North American Review , University of Northern Iowa, page 126,
  • Even those martyr-women who have stood by him in the long course of his transgressions, and maintained through thick and thin, that he is by all odds the novelist whom they could best trust with the cause of woman in fiction, have liked his anti-heroines more,—I mean, found them realer ,—than his heroines.
  • * 1956, , These Thousand Hills , Mariner Books (1995), ISBN 0-395-75520-4, page 180,
  • Those were the eyes remembered, the eyes of Rising Moon, father of Little Runner, who had prayed for his son in a time realer than this one and had seen the prayer answered and gone on his way, friend out of enemy.
  • * 2007, Diane Setterfield, The Thirteenth Tale , Simon and Schuster, ISBN 1416547002, page 464,
  • With the future glowing so brightly it seems realer than the present, I put the page from Jane Eyre in the game bag as well, for safekeeping, and a spoon that is on the kitchen table.

    Usage notes

    * The word realer'' is not so common as the phrase ''more real , especially in formal contexts. ----