Stridor vs Rales - What's the difference?

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As a noun stridor

is a harsh, shrill, unpleasant noise.

As a verb rales is





  • A harsh, shrill, unpleasant noise.
  • 1891' ''But when the tilted plank let slide its freight into the sea, a second strange human murmur was heard, blended now with another inarticulate sound proceeding from certain larger sea-fowl, whose attention having been attracted by the peculiar commotion in the water resulting from the heavy sloped dive of the shotted hammock into the sea, flew screaming to the spot. So near the hull did they come, that the '''stridor or bony creak of their gaunt double-jointed pinions was audible.'' Herman Melville, ''Billy Budd , Chapter 28.
  • (medicine) A high-pitched sound heard on inspiration resulting from turbulent air flow in the upper airway usually indicative of serious airway obstruction.
  • rales



  • (medicine, plurale tantum) The symptom of crackles
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