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Tomato vs Radish - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between tomato and radish

is that tomato is tomato while radish is a plant of the brassicaceae'' family, ''raphanus sativus , having an edible root.



(wikipedia tomato)


  • A widely cultivated plant, Solanum lycopersicum , having edible fruit
  • The savory fruit of this plant, red when ripe, treated as a vegetable in horticulture
  • * Note: The US Supreme Court in Nix v. Hedden (1893) ruled that a tomato is a vegetable.
  • A shade of red, the colour of a ripe tomato.
  • (slang) A desirable-looking woman.
  • Lookit the legs on that hot tomato !
  • (slang) A stupid act or person.
  • Synonyms

    * * (obsolete)

    Derived terms

    {{der3, beef tomato , cherry tomato , plum tomato , tomato can , tomato juice , tomato paste , , tomato sauce , tomato soup , }}


    (en verb)
  • to pelt with tomatoes
  • to add tomatoes to (a dish)
  • English nouns with irregular plurals ----



    (wikipedia radish)


  • A plant of the Brassicaceae'' family, ''Raphanus sativus , having an edible root
  • The pungent root of this plant, usually eaten raw in salads etc
  • See also

    * daikon * mooli