Quo vs Quod - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between quo and quod

is that quo is quoth while quod is (obsolete) quoth.

As a noun quod is

(countable) a quadrangle or court, as of a prison; a prison.




  • quoth
  • ----



    Alternative forms

    * quad


    (en noun)
  • (countable) A quadrangle or court, as of a prison; a prison.
  • * 1863 , '', quoted in 1995, Seán McConville, ''English Local Prisons, 1860-1900: Next Only to Death , page 69,
  • not the poorer classes merely, but the rich will be desirous to enjoy the mingled luxury and comfort of a gaol: and we shall hear of blasé Swells become burglars and garotters as a prelude to a prison, and, instead of taking tours for restoration of their health, recruiting it more cheaply by a residence in quod .
  • * 1878 , John Wrathall Bull, Early Experiences of Colonial Life in South Australia , page 264,
  • .
  • * 2000 , R.I.C. Publications, Workbook E: Society and Environment , page 48,
  • From 1855-1903 a chapel was built, the boat shed and holding cell constructed, Government House was constructed as a summer residence for the Governor and the Quod (slang for prison) was constructed.
  • * 2006 , Pip Wilson, Faces in the Street: Louisa and Henry Lawson and the Castlereagh Street Push , page 202,
  • Pity McNamara?s still doing his stretch in the quod , but he?ll be out soon.
  • (uncountable, Australia, slang) Confinement in a prison.
  • * Acquaintance of , paperback ISBN 0-7333-1502-X, page 7,
  • I don?t suppose you'll get more than a couple of months? quod for them.


  • (obsolete) Quoth.
  • * 14thC , '', 2009, Robert Boenig, Andrew Taylor (editors), ''The Canterbury Tales: A Selection , page 190,
  • “No fors,” quod he, “but tel me al youre grief.”
  • * 1563 , '', 1868, ''The Church Historians of England: Reformation Period , Volume 8, Part 1, page 422,
  • “Why,” quod her friend, “would ye not willingly have gone with your company, if God should so have suffered it?”
  • * 1908 , , Lollardy and the Reformation in England: An Historical Survey , 2010, Cambridge University Press, page 416,
  • “And therefore I have granted to their request,” quod the King;.