Queensland vs Bundy - What's the difference?

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Proper noun

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  • One of the six states of Australia, occupying the north-eastern part of the continent, with its capital at Brisbane.
  • (historical) (1859 - 1901) The self governing colony of what is now the state of Queensland.
  • Derived terms

    * QLD



    Etymology 1

    Proper noun

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  • Derived terms
    * Bundy pipe * Bundy tube

    Etymology 2

    From .

    Alternative forms

    * (Bundaberg rum) bundy

    Proper noun

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  • (Australia, colloquial) Diminutive of'' , ''a coastal city of Queensland.
  • * 1947 , Charles Barrett, The Sunlit Land: Wanderings in Queensland , page 170,
  • “You are coming out to Gayndah?”
    “Yes; when I?m trailing the lungfish.”
    “Hope I?ll see you there. Here?s Bundy . Good-bye.”
  • * 1985 , Sir James Killen, Killen: Inside Australian Politics , page 24,
  • Bundaberg, a provincial city famous for its rum, had been Ted?s last seat in the State Parliament before his retirement. Ted rang me. ‘Will you do me a favour in Bundy ?’ he asked. ‘Of course, what is it?’ I replied. ‘Tell them I am still diluting the milk.’
  • * 2010 , Raymond D. Clements, Aussie Rogue , page 211,
  • There is a seaside town not far away from Bundy .
  • (Australia, slang) Abbreviation of .
  • * 1999 , Melissa Lucashenko, Hard Yards , page 80,
  • Graeme looked sulkily into his grog cabinet at the hole where his Laphroig(sic) should have been. Couldn?t have flogged the bloody Grouse, or the Bundy', nah it had to be the friggen good stuff. Little ''bastard''.Madden's big blunt copper?s hand grabbed the ' Bundy . He sat and poured a heavy dose. Thieving little bastard.
  • * 2005 , John Williams, The Fortunate Life of a Vindicatrix Boy page 37,
  • It was bloody hard work and bloody hot, so we drank gallons of bloody beer and bloody Bundaberg, in the good old bloody Queensland tradition. Enough, maybe, to wash away any bloody asbestos dust. Bloody Bundy with a bloody beer chaser, as we sweated and cursed and wondered why we were there.
  • * 2009 , Claire Halliday, Do You Want Sex With That? , unnumbered page,
  • He has also brought more Bundy and cola cans, and offers these to the women as he and his mates go about the men?s business of fixing the mechanical issues that stand in the way of the bight?s other men?s business - leering at strippers.
  • * 2011 , Jacqueline George, Falling Into Queensland , page 95,
  • “Fucking Bundy . Does it every time.”
    “Well, if you?ve been drinking that shit I?ve got no sympathy for you. Get up and I?ll give you a lift home. In the back.”
    * (Bundaberg rum) Bundy rum