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As nouns the difference between quaternion and quantion

is that quaternion is a group or set of four people or things while quantion is (physics|mathematics) a form of quaternion used to explain the electroweak theory on curved spacetime.

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(en noun)
  • A group or set of four people or things.
  • *1526 , (William Tyndale), trans. Bible , Acts XII:
  • *:Then wer the dayes of unlevended breed, and when he had caught hym, he put him in preson, and delyvered hym to iiij. quaternions off soudiers to be kept, entendynge after ester to brynge hym forth to the people.
  • *1885 , Alexander Roberts, James Donaldson (original translators and editors), Arthur Cleveland Coxe (editor of American edition, unauthorized; author of annotations, notes, and introductions), Philip Schaff (also credited as editor), :
  • This quaternion of revilers has traduced Origen, but not on the same grounds, one having found one cause of accusation against him, and another another; and thus each has demonstrated that what he has taken no objection to, he has fully accepted.
  • A word of four syllables.
  • * Sir Walter Scott
  • The triads and quaternions with which he loaded his sentences.
  • (mathematics) A four-dimensional hypercomplex number that consists of a real dimension and 3 imaginary ones (i'', ''j'', ''k ) that are each a square root of -1. They are commonly used in vector mathematics and in calculating the rotation of three-dimensional objects.
  • *2004 , David H. Eberly, 3D Game Engine Architecture: Engineering Real-Time Applications with Wild Magic :
  • The right-hand side of the quaternion' equation requires scalar multiplication and ' quaternion addition.


    * hypercomplex number

    Derived terms

    * quaternionic

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    * (mathematics) octonion





    (en noun)
  • (physics, mathematics) A form of quaternion used to explain the electroweak theory on curved spacetime.