Thwack vs Punch - What's the difference?

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Thwack is a related term of punch.

As a noun thwack

is the act of thwacking; a strike or blow, especially with a flat implement.

As a verb thwack

is to whack or hit with a flat implement.

As a proper noun punch is

(british) a glove puppet who is the main character used in a punch and judy show.




(en noun)
  • The act of thwacking; a strike or blow, especially with a flat implement.
  • A heavy slapping sound.
  • Verb

    (en verb)
  • To whack or hit with a flat implement.
  • * Washington Irving
  • a distant thwacking sound
  • To beat.
  • To fill to overflow.
  • (Stanyhurst)



    (wikipedia punch)

    Etymology 1

    From (etyl) punchen, partially from (etyl) .


  • (countable) A hit or strike with one's fist.
  • * {{quote-news
  • , year=2011 , date=November 3 , author=Chris Bevan , title=Rubin Kazan 1 - 0 Tottenham , work=BBC Sport citation , page= , passage=Another Karadeniz cross led to Cudicini's first save of the night, with the Spurs keeper making up for a weak punch by brilliantly pushing away Christian Noboa's snap-shot.}}
  • (uncountable) Power, strength, energy.
  • (uncountable) Impact.
  • (countable) A button (of a joypad, joystick or similar device) whose only or main current function is that when it is pressed causes a video game character to punch.
  • Synonyms
    * (A strike with the fist) box, bunch of fives (UK) * oomph, pep
    * (A strike with the fist) jab, hook, uppercut, pounding
    Derived terms
    * beat somebody to the punch * kidney punch * one-two punch * pleased as punch * pull punches * punch drunk * roll with the punches * Sunday punch
    See also
    * (A strike with the fist) slap


  • To strike with one's fist.
  • If she punches me, I'm gonna break her nose.
  • (of cattle) To .
  • To operate (a device or system) by depressing a button, key, bar, or pedal, or by similar means.
  • *
  • * '>citation
  • *
  • To enter (information) on a device or system.
  • To hit (a ball or similar object) with less than full force.
  • He punched a hit into shallow left field.
  • To make holes in something
  • To thrust against; to poke.
  • to punch one with the end of a stick or the elbow
    * (To strike with the fist) box
    Derived terms
    * punch above one's weight * punch below one's weight

    Etymology 2

    Shortened form of puncheon, from (etyl) .


  • (countable) A device, generally slender and round, used for creating holes in thin material, for driving an object through a hole in a containing object, or to stamp or emboss a mark or design on a surface.
  • (countable) A mechanism for punching holes in paper or other thin material.
  • (countable) A hole or opening created with a punch
  • (piledriving) An extension piece applied to the top of a pile; a dolly.
  • A prop, as for the roof of a mine.
  • See also
    * centrepunch, centre punch * nail punch * three-hole punch


  • To employ a punch to create a hole in or stamp or emboss a mark on something.
  • To mark a ticket.
  • Hypernyms
    * (to create a hole) perforate, pierce
    Derived terms
    * punch in * punch out

    Etymology 3

    From (etyl) .


  • (uncountable) A beverage, generally containing a mixture of fruit juice and some other beverage, often alcoholic.
  • See also

    * punch drunk ----