Transitory vs Provisory - What's the difference?

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Transitory is a synonym of provisory.

As adjectives the difference between transitory and provisory

is that transitory is lasting only a short time; temporary while provisory is containing (a) proviso(es).




(en adjective)
  • Lasting only a short time; temporary.
  • * 1704 , , Section I - The Introduction,
  • Secondly, that the materials being very transitory , have suffered much from inclemencies of air, especially in these north-west regions.
  • * 1839 , , Chapter 38,
  • Quite unconscious of the demonstrations of their amorous neighbour, or their effects upon the susceptible bosom of her mama, Kate Nickleby had, by this time, begun to enjoy a settled feeling of tranquillity and happiness, to which, even in occasional and transitory glimpses, she had long been a stranger.
  • * 1922 , , Book Three, Chapter II: A Matter of Aesthetics,
  • For a moment she paused by the taxi-stand and watched them--wondering that but a few years before she had been of their number, ever setting out for a radiant Somewhere, always just about to have that ultimate passionate adventure for which the girls' cloaks were delicate and beautifully furred, for which their cheeks were painted and their hearts higher than the transitory dome of pleasure that would engulf them, coiffure, cloak, and all.
  • (legal, of an action) That may be brought in any county; opposed to local .
  • (Blackstone)


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    (en adjective)
  • containing (a) proviso(es)
  • :''The provisory clause effectively excluded his otherwise logical heirs from his main inheritance
  • dependent on a condition (proviso)
  • :''A provisory guarantee is rather like blackmail
  • pending something more permanent
  • Synonyms

    * (relating to a proviso) conditional * (pending something) provisional, temporary, transitory

    Derived terms

    * provisorily