Convex vs Protruded - What's the difference?

convex | protruded |

As an adjective convex

is curved or bowed outward like the outside of a bowl or sphere or circle.

As a noun convex

is any convex body or surface.

As a verb protruded is

past tense of protrude.




(en adjective)
  • curved or bowed outward like the outside of a bowl or sphere or circle
  • * Whewell
  • Drops of water naturally form themselves into figures with a convex surface.
  • (mathematics, not comparable, of a set) arranged such that for any two points in the set, a straight line between the two points is contained within the set.
  • (geometry, not comparable, of a polygon) having no internal angles greater than 180 degrees.
  • (functional analysis, not comparable, of a real-valued function on the reals) having an epigraph which is a convex set.
  • Antonyms

    * concave

    Derived terms

    * convex combination * convex set


  • Any convex body or surface.
  • * Tickell
  • Half heaven's convex glitters with the flame.


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  • (protrude)

  • protrude



  • To extend from, above or beyond a surface or boundary; to bulge outward; to stick out.
  • *
  • Archegonia are surrounded early in their development by the juvenile perianth, through the slender beak of which the elongated neck of the fertilized archegonium protrudes .
  • To thrust forward; to drive or force along.
  • (John Locke)
  • To thrust out, as through a narrow orifice or from confinement; to cause to come forth.
  • * Thomson
  • When Spring protrudes the bursting gems.

    Derived terms

    * protrudable * protrudent * protrusible * protrusion