Revolution vs Protestant - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between revolution and protestant

is that revolution is revolution while protestant is (christianity) a member of any of several christian denominations which separated from the roman catholic church based on theological or political differences during the reformation (or sometimes later).

As an adjective protestant is

(christianity) of or pertaining to several denominations of christianity that separated from the roman catholic church based on theological or political differences during the reformation.



(en noun)
  • A political upheaval in a government or nation state characterized by great change.
  • The removal and replacement of a government.
  • Rotation: the turning of an object around an axis.
  • * 1912 , P. M. Heldt, The Gasoline Automobile: Its Design and Construction, Volume II: Transmission, Running Gear and Control , The Horseless Age Co. (1913), page 147:
  • The ratio between the speeds of revolution of wheel and disc is substantially equal to the reciprocal of the ratio between the diameter of the wheel and the diameter of the mean contact circle on the disc.
  • A rotation: one complete turn of an object during rotation.
  • * 1864 , D. M. Warren, The Common-School Geography , Revised Edition, H. Cowperthwait & Co., page 6:
  • The Earth has two motions: a daily revolution (or turning around) upon its axis , and a yearly course around the sun.
  • * 1878 , George Fleming, A Text-Book of Veterinary Obstetrics , Baillière, Tindall, & Cox, page 123:
  • Numerous cases are recorded which incontestibly prove that during pregnancy, the uterus perform a half or even a complete revolution , on itself, producing torsion of the cervix
  • In the case of celestial bodies - the traversal of one body through an orbit around another body.
  • A sudden, vast change in a situation, a discipline, or the way of thinking and behaving.
  • Usage notes

    * Astronomers today do not use (term) to refer to the turning of an object about an axis: they use (rotation) for that, and (term) only for the traversal of a body through an orbit (which also happens around some axis). (This may be somewhat customary, however, strictly speaking, using either word for either process would not be incorrect.)


    * evolution

    Derived terms

    * revolutionary * revolutionize Compounds * agricultural revolution * artistic revolution * French Revolution * Industrial Revolution * solid of revolution * information revolution




    (en adjective)
  • Noun

    (en noun)
  • (chiefly, legal) One who protests; a protester.
  • * 1915' November 3, decision in the case of the ''State of New Mexico v. Garrett'', published in '''1916''' among the ''Decisions of the Department of the Interior in Cases Relating to Public Lands'', volume 44 (edited by George J Hesselman), page 490: In the case of Hyacinthe Villeneuve a homestead entry had been allowed upon a tract of land that had been patented to the Santa Fe Railroad Company, whose grantees had expressed a willingness to reconvey in order that effect might be given to the equities of the homesteader, whereas in the present case the State stands in the position of a ' protestant .
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