Expedite vs Proliferate - What's the difference?

expedite | proliferate |

As verbs the difference between expedite and proliferate

is that expedite is to accelerate the progress of while proliferate is to increase in number or spread rapidly.

As an adjective expedite

is free of impediment; unimpeded.




  • To accelerate the progress of.
  • He expedited the search by alphabetizing the papers.
  • To perform (a task) fast and efficiently.
  • Antonyms

    * impede * slow down


    (en adjective)
  • Free of impediment; unimpeded.
  • * Hooker
  • to make the way plain and expedite
  • Expeditious; quick; prompt.
  • * Tillotson
  • nimble and expedite in its operation
  • * John Locke
  • Speech is a very short and expedite way of conveying their thoughts.




  • To increase in number or spread rapidly.
  • The flowers proliferated rapidly all spring.
  • * {{quote-book, year=2006, author=
  • , title=Internal Combustion , chapter=2 citation , passage=But through the oligopoly, charcoal fuel proliferated throughout London's trades and industries.  By the 1200s, brewers and bakers, tilemakers, glassblowers, pottery producers, and a range of other craftsmen all became hour-to-hour consumers of charcoal.}}