Season vs Preservation - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between season and preservation

is that season is each of the four divisions of a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter; yeartide while preservation is preservation.

As a verb season

is to flavour food with spices, herbs or salt.



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(en noun)
  • Each of the four divisions of a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter; yeartide.
  • * Addison
  • the several seasons of the year in their beauty
  • A part of a year when something particular happens: mating season'', ''rainy season'', ''football season .
  • *
  • , title= Mr. Pratt's Patients, chapter=1 , passage=Then there came a reg'lar terror of a sou'wester same as you don't get one summer in a thousand, and blowed the shanty flat and ripped about half of the weir poles out of the sand. We spent consider'ble money getting 'em reset, and then a swordfish got into the pound and tore the nets all to slathers, right in the middle of the squiteague season .}}
  • (obsolete) That which gives relish; seasoning.
  • * 1599 , (William Shakespeare), (Much Ado About Nothing) ,
  • O! she is fallen
    Into a pit of ink, that the wide sea
    Hath drops too few to wash her clean again,
    And salt too little which may season give
    To her foul-tainted flesh.
  • * 1605 , (Shakespeare), The Tragedy of Macbeth, III, 4
  • You lack the season of all natures, sleep.
  • (cricket) The period over which a series of Test matches are played.
  • (North America, broadcasting) A group of episodes of a television or radio program broadcast in regular intervals with a long break between each group, usually with one year between the beginning of each.
  • The third season of ''Friends'' aired from 1996 to 1997.
  • (obsolete) An extended, undefined period of time.
  • * 1656 , , The Mortification of Sin
  • So it is in a person when a breach hath been made upon his conscience, quiet, perhaps credit, by his lust, in some eruption of actual sin; — carefulness, indignation, desire, fear, revenge are all set on work about it and against it, and lust is quiet for a season , being run down before them; but when the hurry is over and the inquest is past, the thief appears again alive, and is as busy as ever at his work.

    Usage notes

    In British English, a year-long group of episodes is called a series, whereas in North American English the word "series" is a synonym of "program" or "show".


    * (l) * (l)

    Derived terms

    * end-of-season * high season * in season * low season * mating season * midseason * mid-season form * open season * out of season * rutting season * seasonable * seasonal * seasonally * silly season * unseasonally * unseasonable * unseasonably


  • To flavour food with spices, herbs or salt.
  • To make fit for any use by time or habit; to habituate; to accustom; to inure; to ripen; to mature; as, to season one to a climate.
  • Hence, to prepare by drying or hardening, or removal of natural juices; as, to season timber.
  • To become mature; to grow fit for use; to become adapted to a climate.
  • To become dry and hard, by the escape of the natural juices, or by being penetrated with other substance; as, timber seasons in the sun.
  • (obsolete) To copulate with; to impregnate.
  • (Holland)






    (en noun)
  • The act of preserving; care to preserve; act of keeping from destruction, decay or any ill.
  • * William Shakespeare, Henry VIII
  • Nature does not require''
    ''Her times of preservation, which, perforce''
    ''I give my tendence to
  • * Ecclesiastes. xxxiv. 16
  • The eyes of the Lord are upon them that love him, his is ther mighty protection, a preservation from stumbling, and a help from falling.
  • *
  • Every seneseless thing by nature's light''
    ''Doth preservation seek, destruction shun
  • *
  • Our allwise maker has put into man the uneasiness of hunger, thirst and other natural desires, to determine their wills for the preservation of themselves, and the continuation of their species.