Preemptor vs Preemptory - What's the difference?

preemptor | preemptory |

As a noun preemptor

is one who preempts; especially, one who appropriates public land.

As an adjective preemptory is

pertaining to preemption.



Alternative forms

* pre-emptor * preemptor


(en noun)
  • One who .
  • * 1873 , D. C. Cloud, Monopolies and the People , p179
  • If the preëmptor filed his claim one day or one week before he commenced his occupation, his claim, as against the railroad company, is fraudulent.
  • * 1931 , Theodore Christian Blegen et alios, Minnesota History , p85
  • In spite of this, whenever there was no convenient machinery for determining who was the rightful preëmptor the land title remained unsettled.
  • * 1975 , C. C. Andrews, Minnesota and Dacotah , p214
  • The municipal preëmptor', like the agricultural '''preëmptor''', is required to take his land in conformity with “the legal subdivisions of the public lands”. I apprehend the import of the requirement is the same in both cases. Neither class of '''preëmptor'''s is to break the legal subdivisions as surveyed. The ' preëmptor of either case may take fractional sections if he will, but he is in every case to run his extreme lines with the lines of the surveyed subdivisions.



    Alternative forms

    * pre-emptory * preemptory


    (en adjective)
  • Serving to .
  • Of, or pertaining unto, a .
  • Quotations

    *1863 , Donald Grant Mitchell, My Farm of Edgewood: A Country Book , p105 *:But with this, and all other aids — among which I may name the loose preëmptory reflections and suggestions of certain adjoining farmers — I was by no means proud of the appearance of the little herd of twelve or fourteen cows with which operations were to commence. *1926 , S.S. McClure Co., McClure’s Magazine , p380 *:We pulls into Coal Creek late that night, and then he suddenly gets all-fired preëmptory . *2003 , Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Theosophical Quarterly Magazine 1907 , p40 *:The King sent preëmptory instructions to his Ambassador at Rome, Cardinal D’Estrees, to enter the lists against Molinos and to do everything in his power to ruin him.


    * - see page 1128.