Peremtory vs Preemptory - What's the difference?

peremtory | preemptory |

As an adjective preemptory is

pertaining to preemption.


Not English

Peremtory has no English definition. It may be misspelled.



Alternative forms

* pre-emptory * preemptory


(en adjective)
  • Serving to .
  • Of, or pertaining unto, a .
  • Quotations

    *1863 , Donald Grant Mitchell, My Farm of Edgewood: A Country Book , p105 *:But with this, and all other aids — among which I may name the loose preëmptory reflections and suggestions of certain adjoining farmers — I was by no means proud of the appearance of the little herd of twelve or fourteen cows with which operations were to commence. *1926 , S.S. McClure Co., McClure’s Magazine , p380 *:We pulls into Coal Creek late that night, and then he suddenly gets all-fired preëmptory . *2003 , Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Theosophical Quarterly Magazine 1907 , p40 *:The King sent preëmptory instructions to his Ambassador at Rome, Cardinal D’Estrees, to enter the lists against Molinos and to do everything in his power to ruin him.


    * - see page 1128.