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As a noun preemptor is

one who preempts; especially, one who appropriates public land.

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Alternative forms

* pre-emptor * preemptor


(en noun)
  • One who .
  • * 1873 , D. C. Cloud, Monopolies and the People , p179
  • If the preëmptor filed his claim one day or one week before he commenced his occupation, his claim, as against the railroad company, is fraudulent.
  • * 1931 , Theodore Christian Blegen et alios, Minnesota History , p85
  • In spite of this, whenever there was no convenient machinery for determining who was the rightful preëmptor the land title remained unsettled.
  • * 1975 , C. C. Andrews, Minnesota and Dacotah , p214
  • The municipal preëmptor', like the agricultural '''preëmptor''', is required to take his land in conformity with “the legal subdivisions of the public lands”. I apprehend the import of the requirement is the same in both cases. Neither class of '''preëmptor'''s is to break the legal subdivisions as surveyed. The ' preëmptor of either case may take fractional sections if he will, but he is in every case to run his extreme lines with the lines of the surveyed subdivisions.