Protruded vs Precarious - What's the difference?

protruded | precarious |

As a verb protruded

is (protrude).

As an adjective precarious is

(comparable) dangerously insecure or unstable; perilous or precarious can be (dentistry) relating to incipient caries.




  • (protrude)

  • protrude



  • To extend from, above or beyond a surface or boundary; to bulge outward; to stick out.
  • *
  • Archegonia are surrounded early in their development by the juvenile perianth, through the slender beak of which the elongated neck of the fertilized archegonium protrudes .
  • To thrust forward; to drive or force along.
  • (John Locke)
  • To thrust out, as through a narrow orifice or from confinement; to cause to come forth.
  • * Thomson
  • When Spring protrudes the bursting gems.

    Derived terms

    * protrudable * protrudent * protrusible * protrusion



    Etymology 1

    From (etyl) , and Spanish and Italian precario.


    (en adjective)
  • (comparable) Dangerously insecure or unstable; perilous.
  • *
  • , title=(The Celebrity), chapter=4 , passage=One morning I had been driven to the precarious refuge afforded by the steps of the inn, after rejecting offers from the Celebrity to join him in a variety of amusements. But even here I was not free from interruption, for he was seated on a horse-block below me, playing with a fox terrier.}}
  • (legal) Depending on the intention of another.
  • Synonyms

    * (not held or fixed securely and likely to fall over) unsteady, rickety, shaky, tottering, unsafe, unstable, wobbly

    Usage notes

    * Because the (term) element of (term) derives from prex and not the preposition prae, this term cannot — etymologically speaking — be written as *.


    * 1906 , (Jack London), , part I, ch III, *: Never had he been so fond of this body of his as now when his tenure of it was so precarious .

    Derived terms

    * precariously * precariousness * precariat * precarisation, precarization * precarity

    Etymology 2

    pre-'' + ''carious


  • (dentistry) Relating to incipient caries.