Grays vs Prays - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between grays and prays

is that grays is (gray) while prays is (pray).

As a noun grays

is .

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  • Verb

  • (gray)
  • prays



  • (pray)
  • Anagrams

    * raspy, spray




    (en verb)
  • To petition or solicit help from a supernatural or higher being.
  • Muslims pray in the direction of Mecca.
  • To humbly beg a person for aid or their time.
  • (religion) to communicate with God for any reason.
  • (obsolete) To ask earnestly for; to seek to obtain by supplication; to entreat for.
  • * Shakespeare
  • I know not how to pray your patience.

    Derived terms

    * prayer * pray in aid


  • please; used to make a polite request.
  • pray silence for…
  • * 1816 , (Jane Austen), , Volume 1 Chapter 8
  • "Pray , Mr. Knightley," said Emma, who had been smiling to herself through a great part of this speech, "how do you know that Mr. Martin did not speak yesterday?"
  • * Charles Dickens, , 1841:
  • Pray''' don’t ask me why, '''pray''' don’t be sorry, '''pray don’t be vexed with me!
  • * Frederick Marryat, , 1845:
  • Well, Major, pray tell us your adventures, for you have frightened us dreadfully.
  • * 1892 , (Arthur Conan Doyle),
  • Thank you. I am sorry to have interrupted you. Pray continue your most interesting statement.
  • * 2013 , Martina Hyde, Is the pope Catholic?'' (in ''The Guardian , 20 September 2013)[]
  • He is a South American, so perhaps revolutionary spirit courses through Francis's veins. But what, pray , does the Catholic church want with doubt?