Props vs Praps - What's the difference?

props | praps |

As a noun props

is .

As a verb props

is (prop).

As an adverb praps is





  • English plurals
  • (slang) "proper respect" or "proper recognition" for another person; an expression of approval or a special acknowledgment; accolade or accolades; praise.
  • I've got to give props to Roger for the way he handled that situation.
  • * Barack Obama (speaking at Google)
  • I also want to acknowledge state senator Elaine Alquist who is here... I always want to give her her props .
  • (obsolete) A game of chance using four seashells (each called a prop ).
  • Verb

  • (prop)
  • praps


    Alternative forms



  • (informal)
  • * 1911 , Pearson's magazine
  • I tried to see if I could tell by his looks which way he had decided but I couldn't, and I thought praps it would be a good time to ask him and find out.