C vs Portion - What's the difference?

c | portion |

As a letter c

is the third letter of the.

As a numeral c

is cardinal number one hundred (100).

As a symbol c

is carbon.

As a noun portion is




{{Basic Latin character info, previous=b, next=d, image= (wikipedia c)

Etymology 1

Modification of upper case letter C, from Etruscan .


  • The third letter of the .
  • Usage notes
    * Not to be confused with (the lunate sigma). * In many languages, the letter c represents both a “hard” ), based on the following letter. * In a number of languages, it is used only for the sound. * In many languages, it occurs frequently in the digraph with ch. * In some romanization systems of non-Latin scripts, it represents .
    See also
    (Latn-script) * Other scripts: , * Letters and symbols with similar shapes: (open O), * For more variations, see . * * (wikipedia "c")


    (Voiceless palatal plosive) (head)
  • voiceless palatal plosive.
  • Etymology 2

    Lower case form of upper case roman numeral C, a standardization of ), from the practice of designating each tenth X notch with an extra cut.

    Alternative forms

    * C,


  • cardinal number one hundred (100).
  • Usage notes
    With a bar over the numeral, i.e., as c, it represents one hundred thousand.
    Derived terms
    * English: c-note
    See also
    * Lesser roman numeral symbol: * Greater roman numeral symbol: *

    Etymology 3

    From (etyl) .


  • (label) The speed of light, 2.99792458 × 108 m/s.
  • (label) The space of convergent sequences
  • See also

    {{Letter, page=C , NATO=Charlie , Morse=–·–· , Character=C3 , Braille=? }} Image:Latin C.png, Capital and lowercase versions of C , in normal and italic type Image:Fraktur letter C.png, Uppercase and lowercase C in Fraktur ----




    (en noun)
  • An allocated amount.
  • That which is divided off or separated, as a part from a whole; a separated part of anything.
  • One's fate; lot.
  • * Bible, Luke xii. 46
  • The lord of that servant will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers.
  • * Keble
  • Man's portion is to die and rise again.
  • The part of an estate given or falling to a child or heir; an inheritance.
  • * Bible, Luke xv. 12
  • Give me the portion of goods that falleth to me.
  • A wife's fortune; a dowry.
  • * 1613 , , V. iv. 31:
  • Commend me to her, and to piece her portion / Tender her this.

    Usage notes

    Relatively formal, compared to the more informal part or more concrete and casual piece. For example, “part of the money” (both informal) but “portion of the proceeds” (both formal).


    * part * piece

    Derived terms

    * portionless * proportion


    (en verb)
  • To divide into amounts, as for allocation to specific purposes.
  • To endow with a portion or inheritance.
  • Him portioned maids, apprenticed orphans, blest. — Alexander Pope.

    Usage notes

    * Particularly used as portion out. * Relatively formal, compared to the more informal divide, divide up, or the casual divvy, divvy up.


    * divide, divide up * divvy, divvy up

    Derived terms

    * portion off * portion out