Swarm vs Populate - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between swarm and populate

is that swarm is (lb) to move as a swarm while populate is to supply with inhabitants; to people.

As a noun swarm

is a large number of insects, especially when in motion or (for bees) migrating to a new colony.

As an adjective populate is

(obsolete) populous.




(en noun)
  • A large number of insects, especially when in motion or (for bees) migrating to a new colony.
  • * Milton
  • a deadly swarm of hornets
  • A mass of people, animals or things in motion or turmoil.
  • a swarm of meteorites
  • * Addison
  • those prodigious swarms that had settled themselves in every part of it [Italy]
  • (label) A group of nodes sharing the same torrent in a BitTorrent network.
  • Verb

    (en verb)
  • (lb) To move as a swarm .
  • *
  • *:There is an hour or two, after the passengers have embarked, which is disquieting and fussy. Mail bags, so I understand, are being put on board. Stewards, carrying cabin trunks, swarm in the corridors.
  • (lb) To teem, or be overrun with insects, people, etc.
  • *(Edmund Spenser) (c.1552–1599)
  • *:Every place swarms with soldiers.
  • (lb) To fill a place as a swarm .
  • (lb) To overwhelm as by an opposing army.
  • To climb by gripping with arms and legs alternately.
  • * (1748–1828)
  • *:At the top was placed a piece of money, as a prize for those who could swarm up and seize it.
  • *1919 , , (The Moon and Sixpence) ,
  • *:She called out, and a boy came running along. He swarmed up a tree, and presently threw down a ripe nut. Ata pierced a hole in it, and the doctor took a long, refreshing draught.
  • To breed multitudes.
  • *(John Milton) (1608-1674)
  • *:Not so thick swarmed once the soil / Bedropped with blood of Gorgon.
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    * (l) English collective nouns




  • To supply with inhabitants; to people.
  • To live in; to inhabit.
  • To fill initially empty items in a collection.
  • John clicked the Search button and waited for the list to populate .


    (en adjective)
  • (obsolete) populous
  • (Francis Bacon)