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As proper nouns the difference between susan and poland

is that susan is while poland is poland.



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  • * ~1591 William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet : Act I, Scene III:
  • Susan' and she - God rest all Christian souls! - / Were of an age. Well, ' Susan is with God; / She was too good for me.
  • * 1855 , North and South , Bernhard Tauchnitz 1855, page 382:
  • "With all my heart, though I have not an idea who little Susan' may be. But I have a kindness for all '''Susans''', for simple ' Susan' s sake.
  • * 1932 , Words and Names , J.Murray 1932, page 84:
  • My own 'reaction' to the name Susan' is a vision of a sturdy young woman garbed in 'print' and armed with a mop or other domestic implement, a picture compounded of a succession of domestic '''Susans''' passing before the eyes of early childhood. - - - It is symptomatic of the game of general post now being played by the classes and the masses that ' Susan is taking refuge, with Betty, Peggy, Jane and Ann, among the aristocracy, while Gladys and Muriel reign below stairs,
  • * 2006 , Digging to America , Alfred A. Knopf, ISBN 0307263940, pages 10, 62:
  • Susan', they called her. They chose a name that resembled the name she had come with, Sooki, and also it was a comfortable sound for Iranians to pronounce. "' Su-san !" Maryam would sing when she went in to get her from her nap. "Su-Su-Su!"
    - - - Even on issues pertaining to their daughter, the Yazdans took a very different approach. Imagine changing that charming name, Sooki, part of her native heritage, to plain old Susan !

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    * In continuous use since the Middle Ages, with the latest popularity peak in the mid-twentieth century.


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  • A country in Eastern or Central Europe (varies with sources). Official name: Republic of Poland.
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