Polak vs Polack - What's the difference?

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Polak is an alternative form of polack.

As nouns the difference between polak and polack

is that polak is pole while polack is .


Not English

Polak has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

English words similar to 'polak':

pluck, plack, pulk, pulik, pleck, pelick, palak



Alternative forms

* Polak, Pollack, Pollock, Polock


(en noun)
  • A Pole, or person of Polish descent.
  • (obsolete)
  • * c.'' 1600 ,
  • which to him appear'd / to be a preparation against the Polack . - Act II, Scene ii, line 63
    So levied as before against the Pollack . - Act II, Scene ii, line 75
    Why, then the Polack never will defend it. - Act IV, Scene iv, line 23
  • *
  • Usage notes

    * The term was used neutrally through the late nineteenth century, but is today considered an ethnic slur.


    * (person of Polish descent) Pole, Polish person

    See also

    * palooka