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Lithy vs Pithy - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between lithy and pithy

is that lithy is easily bent; pliable while pithy is concise and meaningful.



Alternative forms

* (dialectal)


(en adjective)
  • Easily bent; pliable.
  • pithy



  • Concise and meaningful.
  • * 1825 , ,
  • Mr. Lamb, on the contrary, being "native to the manner here," though he too has borrowed from previous sources, instead of availing himself of the most popular and admired, has groped out his way, and made his most successful researches among the more obscure and intricate, though certainly not the least pithy or pleasant of our writers.
  • * 1873 April 25, (editor), ''The Chemical News ,
  • The following passage, which is exquisitely pithy and exquisitely modest, winds up the description:- "In this apparatus there is nothing new but its simplicity and thorough trustworthiness."
  • * 1876 , ,
  • IT was a pithy' saying that of Lorenzo de' Medici, and true as ' pithy , that we are enjoined to forgive our enemies, but nowhere are we told that we should forgive our friends.
  • Of, like, or abounding in pith.
  • * 1863 , ,
  • Must we know the torrid zone only through travelled bananas, plucked too soon and pithy ? or by bottled anacondas? or by the tarry-flavored slang of forecastle-bred paroquets?
  • * 1910 , , Suggestions and Reminders I: For the North, April,
  • Parsnip .—Dig the roots before they grow and become soft and pithy .
  • * 1911 , ,
  • To summarize the characters of a true mushroom - it grows only in pastures; it is of small size, dry, and with unchangeable flesh; the cap has a frill; the gills are free from the stem, the spores brown-black or deep purple-black in colour, and the stem solid or slightly pithy .


    * (brief and to the point) terse, concise, laconic, succinct