Cowardly vs Pisspants - What's the difference?

cowardly | pisspants |

As an adverb cowardly

is in the manner of a coward.

As an adjective cowardly

is showing cowardice; lacking in courage; basely or weakly fearful.

As a noun pisspants is

(slang|vulgar|derogatory|rare) an objectionable or cowardly person.




(en adverb)
  • In the manner of a coward.
  • * , Folio Society, 2006, vol.1, p.48:
  • I love to follow them, but not so cowardly , as my life remaine thereby in subjection.


  • Showing cowardice; lacking in courage; basely or weakly fearful.
  • * Shakespeare
  • The cowardly rascals that ran from the battle.
  • * Burke
  • The cowardly rashness of those who dare not look danger in the face.




  • (slang, vulgar, derogatory, rare) An objectionable or cowardly person.
  • * 1965 , Edwin Gilbert, American chrome
  • "Christ" — he yawned — "Christ, what the hell is everybody getting so pisspants scared and nervous for? Vince Eames is what? A crook? So?...
  • * 1983 , Oakley M Hall, The children of the sun
  • "You take the part of this pisspants priest against your comrades?" "I do, Caballo!" The old corporal lurched at him with a speed that took him off guard.
  • * 2002 , Evan Hunter, The Moment She Was Gone
  • Her eyes are blazing the way they had that night long ago, when she called my sister a little pisspants . I expect another bowl of mashed potatoes on my head...
  • * 2006 , Ed McBain, Fiddlers
  • "I'll pay them when I get my allowance." "Lorraine, you stole that nail polish." "Don't be such a pisspants ," Lorraine said sharply.