Orion vs Phoenix - What's the difference?

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As proper nouns the difference between orion and phoenix

is that orion is while phoenix is .



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Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • (Greek mythology) A giant-hunter, pursuer of the Pleiades and lover of Eos, and killed by Artemis.
  • (constellation) A constellation on the celestial equator close to Gemini and Taurus, containing the stars Betelgeuse and Rigel.
  • of modern usage.
  • * 1980 (Wright Morris), Plains Song, for Female Voices , Harper&Row, ISBN 0060130474, page 113:
  • In Madge's judgment, her Uncle Orion had suffered most of his life from the name he'd been given, requiring that people ask him to repeat it and boys his own age make fun of it.
  • A ghost hamlet in Alberta, Canada
  • A ghost town in California
  • A commune in France
  • A village in Illinois
  • A municipality in Bataan, the Philippines
  • A town in Wisconsin
  • Synonyms

    * (constellation) the Hunter, ensifer

    Derived terms

    * Orionid * Orionis

    See also

    * Orion's Belt * Orion Nebula * * ----


    Alternative forms

    * phenix, , pheonix


  • (mythology) A mythological bird, said to be the only one of its kind, which lives for 500 years and then dies by burning to ashes on a pyre of its own making, ignited by the sun. It then arises anew from the ashes.
  • (figuratively) Anything that is reborn after apparently being destroyed. Usually used as a simile.
  • Astronomers believe planets might form in this dead star's disk, like the mythical Phoenix rising up out of the ashes.
  • (mythology) A mythological Chinese chimerical bird whose physical body symbolizes the six celestial bodies.
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