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As nouns the difference between hern and pern

is that hern is (obsolete|or|dialectal) corner or hern can be (dialectal|or|poetic) heron while pern is part of a spinning wheel, a conical spool onto which the thread is wound from the spindle or pern can be a honey buzzard; pernis apivorus .

As a pronoun hern

is hers; her own.

As a verb pern is

to take profit of; to make profitable.

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Etymology 1

From (etyl) herne, hyrne, from (etyl) . More at (l).


(en noun)
  • (obsolete, or, dialectal) Corner.
  • Etymology 2

    From , formed by analogy with (mine), (thine). Compare (l). Displaced in standard speech by the -s form, (m), which see for more.


    (English Pronouns)
  • Hers; her own.
  • Etymology 3

    Dialectal variant of (m).


    (en noun)
  • (dialectal, or, poetic) heron.
  • * 1662 , , Book II, A Collection of Several Philosophical Writings of Dr. Henry More, p. 73:
  • "Now for Swans'' & ''Ducks'', and such like ''Birds'' of the ''Water'', it is obvious to take notice how well they are fitted for that manner of life. For those that swim, their ''Feet'' are framed for it like a pair of ''Oars'', their ''Claws'' being connected with a pretty broad Membrane; and their ''Necks'' are long, that they may dive deep enough into the water. As also the ''Neck'' of the ''Hern'' , and such like Fowl who live of Fishes, and are fain to frequent their Element, who walk on long stilts also like the people that dwell in the Marshes; but their ''Claws have no such Membranes, for they had been but a hindrance to those kind of Birds that onely wade in the water, and do not swim."
    English third person pronouns ----



    Etymology 1

    Presumably from a verb .Charles Moorman, ''The Works of the Gawain-Poet (1977), ISBN 978-1-60473-409-6, page 324. See also pirl.


    (en noun)
  • part of a spinning wheel, a conical spool onto which the thread is wound from the spindle
  • * 1813 February 4, "Specification of the Patent granted to William Broughton for a Method of making a peculiar Species of Canvas", in The Repertory of Arts, Manufactures, and Agriculture , page 72:
  • * 1851 , Official catalogue of the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1851 , page 38:
  • Model of a patent machine for winding yarn from the hank, upon the shuttlecope or pern .
  • * 1894 , The New Technical Educator: An Encyclopaedia of Technical Education , volume 3, page 234:
  • In one division the spindles carry the bobbins revolving inside a kind of cup or cone fitting down upon the pern , and the latter is shaped to fit accurately this conical surface.
    Derived terms
    * perne v.(?) (Yeats) * perning (Yeats)

    Etymology 2

    19th century, after the taxonomical name Pernis (Cuvier 1816).


    (en noun)
  • A honey buzzard; Pernis apivorus .
  • Etymology 3

    See pernancy.


    (en verb)
  • To take profit of; to make profitable.
  • (Sylvester)


    (Webster 1913)