Durability vs Performance - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between durability and performance

is that durability is permanence by virtue of the power to resist stress or force while performance is performance.




  • Permanence by virtue of the power to resist stress or force.
  • performance


    Alternative forms

    * performaunce


    (en noun)
  • The act of performing; carrying into execution or action; execution; achievement; accomplishment; representation by action.
  • *{{quote-book, year=1959, author=(Georgette Heyer), title=(The Unknown Ajax), chapter=1
  • , passage=Charles had not been employed above six months at Darracott Place, but he was not such a whopstraw as to make the least noise in the performance of his duties when his lordship was out of humour.}}
  • That which is performed or accomplished; a thing done or carried through; an achievement; a deed; an act; a feat; especially, an action of an elaborate or public character.
  • A live show or concert.
  • (computer science) The amount of useful work accomplished by a computer system compared to the time and resources used.
  • Usage notes

    * Adjectives often applied to "performance": high, poor, improved, superior, excellent, good, peak, top, optimal, low, economic, academic, financial, musical, human, environmental, vocal, cognitive, dynamic, organizational, historical, physical, social, mechanical, electrical, mental, macroeconomic.

    Derived terms

    * command performance


    * play * show * movie * concert