Perfectibilist vs Illuminati - What's the difference?

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As a noun perfectibilist

is a believer in perfectibility.

As an adjective illuminati is


As a verb illuminati is





(en noun)
  • A believer in perfectibility.
  • Synonyms

    * utopianist


    * optimist



    (en-plural noun)
  • Any of various societies, sects or other people claiming religious or intellectual enlightenment.
  • # Persons in the early church who had received baptism and been given a lighted taper as a symbol of the spiritual illumination they had received.
  • # Members of a Spanish sect of the sixteenth century, who believed that, by means of prayer, they had attained so perfect a state as to have no need of ordinances, sacraments, good works, etc.; the Alumbrados or Perfectibilists.
  • # Members of certain associations in Europe who combined to promote social reform in pursuit of perfection; especially one originated in 1776 by (Adam Weishaupt).
  • # An obscure sect of French familists.
  • # The Hesychasts, Mystics, and Quietists.
  • # The Rosicrucians.
  • An alleged global, elite, secret society which has as its ultimate objective the subjugation of humanity (world domination or New World Order).
  • The methods of control used by "Ming the Merciless, Rules of the Universe" in the 1980 film ''Flash Gordon'' are a metaphor for what some perceive to be the influence of the Illuminati on the real world.
    (Webster 1913)