Pleasantry vs Peasantry - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between pleasantry and peasantry

is that pleasantry is a casual, courteous remark while peasantry is (historical) impoverished rural farm workers, either as serfs, small freeholders or hired hands.




  • A casual, courteous remark
  • A playful remark; a jest
  • * 2014 , Daniel Taylor, England and Wayne Rooney see off Scotland in their own back yard'' (in ''The Guardian , 18 November 2014)[]
  • Charlie Mulgrew could easily have been shown two yellow cards by a stricter referee and amid all the usual Anglo-Scottish pleasantries , the two sets of fans put an awful lot of effort into trying to drown out one another’s national anthems.

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  • (historical) Impoverished rural farm workers, either as serfs, small freeholders or hired hands.
  • 1920' ''They distressed her. They were so stolid. She had always maintained that there is no American '''peasantry , and she sought now to defend her faith by seeing imagination and enterprise in the young Swedish farmers, and in a traveling man working over his order-blanks. But the older people, Yankees as well as Norwegians, Germans, Finns, Canucks, had settled into submission to poverty. They were peasants, she groaned.'' — Sinclair Lewis, Main Street", Chapter 3.
  • Ignorant people of the lowest social status; bumpkins, rustics.
  • 1885' ''Such strange lingering echoes of the old demon worship might perhaps even now be caught by the diligent listener among the gray-haired '''peasantry ; for the rude mind with difficulty associates the ideas of power and benignity.'' — George Eliot, ''Silas Marner , Chapter 1.