Associates vs Partner - What's the difference?

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As a verb associates

is .

As a noun partner is

partner, associate.




  • Verb

  • (associate)
  • partner



    (en noun)
  • Someone who is associated with another in a common activity or interest.
  • # A member of a business or law partnership
  • #* 1668 July 3, , “Thomas Rue contra'' Andrew Hou?toun” in ''The Deci?ions of the Lords of Council & Se??ion I (Edinburgh, 1683), page 548:
  • He Su?pends on the?e Rea?ons, that Thomas Rue'' had granted a general Di?charge to ''Adam Mu?het'', who was his Conjunct, and ''correus debendi'', after the alleadged Service, which Di?charged ''Mu?het'', and con?equently ''Houstoun his Partner .
  • # A spouse or domestic partner
  • # Someone with whom one dances in a two-person dance.
  • #*
  • He tried to persuade Cicely to stay away from the ball-room for a fourth dance.But she said she must go back, and when they joined the crowd again her partner was haled off with a frightened look to the royal circle, […].
  • (nautical) One of the pieces of wood comprising the framework which strengthens the deck of a wooden ship around the holes through which the mast and other fittings pass.
  • (Jamaica) A group financial arrangement in which each member contributes a set amount of money over a set period.
  • Synonyms

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    (en verb)
  • to make or be a partner
  • to work or perform as a partner
  • Descendants

    * French: partenaire (g) 1000 English basic words ----