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As nouns the difference between dose and par

is that dose is sow (female pig) while par is pair, couple.

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(en noun)
  • A measured portion of medicine taken at any one time.
  • The quantity of an agent (not always active) substance or radiation administered at any one time.
  • *{{quote-magazine, date=2014-04-21, volume=411, issue=8884, magazine=(The Economist)
  • , title= Subtle effects , passage=Manganism has been known about since the 19th century, when miners exposed to ores containing manganese
  • A venereal infection.
  • * 1978 , (Lawrence Durrell), Livia'', Faber & Faber 1992 (''Avignon Quintet ), p. 382:
  • It would be very expensive to cure a dose here, as well as unbelievably painful.


  • to administer a dose
  • to prescribe a dose
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    Etymology 1



    (Abbreviation) (head)
  • paragraph
  • parallel
  • parenthesis
  • parish
  • Etymology 2

    From (etyl) .


    (English prepositions)
  • By; with.
  • Usage notes
    * Used frequently in Middle English in phrases taken from French, being sometimes written as a part of the word which it governs; as, par amour, or paramour; par cas, or parcase; par fay, or parfay.


    (en noun)
  • Equal value; equality of nominal and actual value; the value expressed on the face or in the words of a certificate of value, as a bond or other commercial paper.
  • Equality of condition or circumstances.
  • (golf, mostly uncountable) The allotted number of strokes to reach the hole.
  • He needs to make this shot for par .
  • (golf, countable) A hole in which a player achieves par
  • * {{quote-news, 2009, January 18, , Paul Casey storms to four-stroke lead in Abu Dhabi, Herald Sun citation
  • , passage=Kaymer started with six straight pars before making a birdie on the seventh and an eagle on the eighth. }}
    Derived terms
    * below par * on par, on a par * par for the course * under par * up to par


  • (golf) To reach the hole in the allotted number of strokes.
  • He will need to par every hole in order to win this game.

    Etymology 3

    Compare (etyl) .


    (en noun)
  • Young salmon. (also spelled parr)
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