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As nouns the difference between opah and pah

is that opah is any of various large, colourful, deep-bodied pelagic fish of the family lamprididae while pah is (maori fort).

As an interjection pah is

used to express distaste, disgust or outrage.




  • Any of various large, colourful, deep-bodied pelagic fish of the family Lamprididae.
  • * 2003 , Margaret M. Smith, Phillip C. Heemstra (editors), Smiths' Sea Fishes'' (Revision of 1977, James Leonard Brierley Smith, ''The Sea Fishes of Southern Africa ), page 398,
  • A member of the lower epipelagic community, the opah feeds on squid and fishes (including some benthic species) and is usually found well offshore.
  • * 2006 , Sharon Hamblin, Adventure Guide Maui , page 36,
  • For a long time, opah' has been thought to be good luck so it was only given away, never sold. ' Opah is a nonschooling open-ocean fish so it's not caught in great quantities.
  • * 2013 , Roy Yamaguchi, John Harrisson, Roy's Fish and Seafood: Recipes from the Pacific Rim , page 77,
  • Opah is an extraordinary-looking ocean fish, with an almost perfectly round shape; a comparatively thin, flat profile; a silvery skin, and bright crimson fins.


    * (fish of family Lampridae) Jerusalem haddock, kingfish, moonfish, redfin ocean pan, sunfish


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  • (biochemistry) phenylalanine hydroxylase
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  • (organic chemistry) polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
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