Collectedly vs Pacifically - What's the difference?

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Collectedly is a related term of pacifically.

As adverbs the difference between collectedly and pacifically

is that collectedly is in a collected manner; calmly while pacifically is in a calm or quiet manner.




(en adverb)
  • In a collected manner; calmly.
  • pacifically



    (en adverb)
  • In a calm or quiet manner.
  • In a soothing manner.
  • * 1828 , British and Foreign State Papers (page 962)
  • To arrange and compose pacifically , the differences which may arise between the Federal States; and, should the same not succeed, to point out to the Supreme Chief the measures which should be adopted to re-establish peace and harmony


    * (in a calm manner): calmly, mildly, quietly * (in a soothing manner): soothingly