Owly vs Owllike - What's the difference?

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Owly is a synonym of owllike.

As adjectives the difference between owly and owllike

is that owly is resembling or characteristic of an owl while owllike is resembling an owl or some aspect of one.




  • Resembling or characteristic of an owl.
  • * 2010 , (Tracy Chevalier), Remarkable Creatures , Dutton (2010), ISBN 9781101152454, page 48:
  • In the picture Miss Elizabeth showed me the croc had little piggy eyes, not huge owly ones.
  • In a bad mood; cranky.
  • * 1988 , (Janette Oke), Winter Is Not Forever , Bethany House Publishers (2010), ISBN 9780764208027, page 16:
  • I had no right to be owly and disagreeable with Willie.
  • Seeing poorly.
  • * 1908 , , "The Vendetta", in Insect Stories , Henry Holt and Company (1908), page 55:
  • Perhaps nice isn't the best word for him, but he certainly was an unusually imposing and fluffy-haired and fierce-looking brute of a tarantula. He had rather an owly way about him, as if he had come out from his hole too early and was dazed and half-blinded by the light.


    * (like an owl) owlish, owllike, strigine * (in a bad mood) crabby, cranky, grumpy, ornery, out of sorts

    Derived terms

    * owliness * owly-eyed


    * T. K. Pratt, Dictionary of Prince Edward Island English , University of Toronto Press (1988), ISBN 0802057810, pages 107-108 * The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia , The Century Co. (1897), Volume 5, page 265




    (en adjective)
  • Resembling an owl or some aspect of one.
  • Synonyms

    * owlish * owly * strigine